Why Fundraise for The Vipingo Village Fund?

Our supporters are passionate people! They are aware of that the world is a global village and they just happen to live in the rich bit! But there are many that live in desperate circumstances and they want to make a difference! They care, they’re involved and they’re happy to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in! If this sounds like you, then you’re already a The Vipingo Village Fund supporter and you didn’t even know it! Our fundraisers come in many guises! Most are ordinary people who use their conviction to convince others that The Vipingo Village Fund is worth supporting, they understand the difference the charity is making in the local community and how Future Hope Montessori School is giving children the chance of a life and a future.

So why fundraise for The Vipingo Village Fund? BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE LIVES FOR THE BETTER FIRST HAND and nothing in life is more powerful or fulfilling than that.

How to Start Online Fundraising with a JustGiving page

  • Create a fundraising page with JustGiving. Go onto their site and see ‘how to’ at www.justgiving.com/vipingo It’s quick, simple and free! Anyone in the world can set up a page, and anyone in the world can donate.
  • Paint a picture! Everyone is unique and has a story to tell. Describe why you want to volunteer for The Vipingo Village Fund and explain a bit about the charity such as…The Vipingo Village Fund is a small, family run UK charity working in Kenya. It specializes in education, environmental and community projects. To find out more about The Vipingo Village Fund, visit their website at www.vipingovillagefund.org
  • If pictures paint a thousand words…..put a photo of yourself on your page! Include some pictures from The Vipingo Village Fund too. You can email us at carol@vipingovillagefund.org and ask for help and photos to include on your page.
  • We’re updating our videos which you can then copy and paste from YouTube…we’ll let you know the link in the very near future
  • Choose a Fundraising Idea! Go to our ‘Loads of Fund Raising Ideas’ link and see, depending on how adventurous you feel, what you could be doing to fundraise
  • Tell all your friends, family & work colleagues! Put the link from your JustGiving fundraising page on Facebook, e-mail everyone and get people involved and donating!
  • E-mail The Vipingo Village Fund! We like to know who is fundraising for us, and we can feature you on our website! Send us an email carol@vipingovillagefund.org – introduce yourself and become part of the VVF family! We’re very small and we know many of our supporters personally.





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