Our School Day - Siku yetu ya shule

We get up as the sun comes up and often collect water to have a wash.

Most of us walk to school.

Schoolday1Our School Day 3

Good Morning (Habari ya asubuhi). We arrive at school at 7am.

We help tidy the school grounds and we meet our friends.

Our School Day

When the bell rings at 7.15am we have assembly. 

Our School Day 5

Our School Day 4

Then we go to the dining room and have our breakfast (chakula cha asubuhi).

We have porridge (uji) for breakfast.

After breakfast, we go to our classrooms and we read the books we have borrowed from the library before our lessons start

Our School Day 6

 We are the older children at Future Hope and so we are in the standard classes not the kindergarten classes. Our lessons start at 8.10am.

Our School Day 9Our School Day 8


We learn English, Kiswahili, Maths, Science, Social Studies, P.E, ICT, World Religions, Creative Arts and on Fridays we have Health Talk.

Our School Day 1

Whole school learning about meditation in 'World Religion Lesson on Hinduism'.


We are in classes of about 20 children. Each term we choose a new theme as a class and then we learn about that theme in all our lessons. This term our theme was ‘Our Country’ and we learnt about Kenya.

Our School Day 1


At break time we play outside.  We play games with our friends and we play on our adventure playground. We have a short break at 9.45am and a longer break at 10.55am. We have more lessons until lunch time.

Our School Day 1

We have a new Science lab and we now have a full size skeleton to learn about parts of the human body. He is called Adam!

Skeleton photo

Sometimes we do science lessons in the classroom – here we are separating objects from water.

Our School Day 1

We learn how to work with computers in our ICT lab. 

Our School Day 1

Lunch (chackula cha mchana) time starts at 12.15. First we wash our hands and then we eat our lunch. We have a different Swahili dish every day. We eat rice, ugali, beans, vegetables and fruit. The kitchen ladies prepare all our meals for us every day. They even cook for us at the weekends and during the holidays.

Our School Day 1Our School Day 1


Twice a week we come to the library during break or lunch time to change our books – we talk with our teachers about the book we have read and if we enjoyed it or not and we choose another book. We always need new books so if anyone has any old ones that you think we would like, please can we have them….Asante Sana (thank you very much)

Our School Day 2



After lunch at 1.30pm, we have a story read to us by one of the teachers or volunteers. They read the story and then we discuss as a class – some of our favourite books are Super Worm, the Highway Rat and The Lion King.

Our School Day 2

At 2pm the older children continue with lessons and the younger children rest!


Our School Day 2

At 3pm we have an afternoon break. If we can find him we play with Monty Shadow but sometimes he hides in the library!

Our School Day 2Our School Day 2

From 3.15pm we have an afternoon activity which is different depending on the day of the week. On Monday we have races/games, on Tuesday we watch a DVD, on Wednesday we have a debate, on Thursday we have time with our clubs (wildlife, first aid, drama, scouts) and on Friday we have games – either cricket, football, basketball or volleyball.

Our School Day 2Our School Day 2


Every other Friday afternoon the older girls who have braids wash their hair. We help each other take out the braids and the teachers help us too.


Our School Day 2Our School Day 2

At 4.15pm we have assembly and our teachers tell us anything we need to know about the next day at school, some of us also have supper. Goodbye (Kwaherini)

Our School Day 3


Then we go home to our parents and guardian. Most of us live near the school in the village of Vipingo, or in the nearby village of Bureni so we can walk home. Some of us live further away and we take a bus (matatu) home. Here are some of our homes.