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Here we give a list of websites with information about health, Kenya and other subjects. Please don’t use this as the definitive list, especially regarding health, malaria, visas, flight and transport information. It is down to you to do as much research as you feel is necessary to ensure you have a happy, healthy stay with us. These are only suggested sites and recommendations.


  • There are several good websites outlining the health risks in Kenya, two of which are the MASTA website  in the UK and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website in the US
  • Whilst you must seek medical advice from your doctor about vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis, we personally recommend the use of a herbal prophylactic, Oriental Wormwood, available from This is an extremely efficacious preventative with none of the side effects often experienced by travellers taking more conventional methods. If you ask your doctor, they won’t have heard of it but it is widely used in Africa with excellent results. This should be taken in conjunction with Feverfew, which is a tincture and stops you getting bitten in the first place! Also available from Hamblys.  
  • N.B. you may need a Yellow Fever international vaccination card if you are travelling to other African countries from Kenya, or vice versa.
  • In addition, it would be helpful if you took a basic First Aid course prior to travelling to Kenya.
  • It is important to recognize that you have to stay in control of your own health in Kenya. Whilst there are some good hospitals they are some 45 minutes away from Vipingo. There is a limited clinic in the village but you would be better off being your own ‘doctor!’
  • Cuts and abrasions can go septic very quickly in the tropics – do not let them fester but get antibiotics!


  • You will be working with HIV+ children and adults. On arrival you will be given a briefing about how to stay safe.
  • Before arriving we require you to sign a letter absolving The Vipingo Village Fund of all responsibility for your HIV status

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