Legacy Fund

Adventure PlaygroundSome of the children enjoying the Adventure Playground
donated by Margaret Salmon's friends and family
to celebrate her 80th birthday
...Yes, I know never a nice thought but it comes to us all one day and we hope, very much, that you will remember us in your Will.

It is our aim to set up a LEGACY FUND with a target of £1,000,000 that will be added to over the years to ensure, in perpetuity, The Vipingo Village Fund, and principally, the Future Hope Montessori School.

Surely there can be no finer legacy than to leave money to a project that continues to build for the future? It would be such a waste to let all this progress, enthusiasm, care and love go to waste through lack of funds. We appreciate that there are many calls on your money but we really do make a HUGE difference, in a very small way, to very many people's, and in particular, many children's lives.

Please help us to continue to help them thrive ...children are all our futures.

Interested in setting up your own Legacy Fund?  Please send an enquiry using the Contact Form on our Contact Us page.  We would love to hear from you!

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However big or small, every penny helps our fund hugely!  Whether it's a one-off payment or setting up a standing order, information on all the different ways to donate can be found on our How You Can Help Page.

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