How You Can Help

In these straightened times we ALL want to know, when we give to charity, where our money goes! One thing we can assure you is that every penny donated to the Vipingo Village Fund goes to the project for which it is destined. We are incredibly cost effective, tiny marketing budget, we all work on a voluntary basis and only the local staff receive a salary; we have no fancy cars or first-class travel expenses! It's just us, and hopefully you, who make the difference!

  Entire school showing the 6 classrooms               


We are TOTALLY accountable and welcome our supporters visiting all our projects, especially the school where our many friends, supporters, Trustees and our fabulous team of Goodwill Ambassadors find themselves immersed in crafts, sports and reading activities!

The expanded school premises was made possible by the continued support of the Zoë Carss Education Trust who funded the new build, and for the amazing on-going support from some kind and generous donors.

Sadly we lost one of our major corporate donors and are now struggling to cover the hole in our income that ensued, recognising that realistically we need to double our income to insure against unforeseen events.

Some of our income comes from the Pen-pal scheme, some from special events; a part is made up from the KKK sewing co-operative and the balance from very generous people who have set up Standing Orders – our life-line!

Could you help by setting up a Standing Order? You can download our Standing Order Form 2017 (see right) together with our Gift Aid Form 2017 (also right), which gives us an additional £0.25p in the pound.

We really can't do it without YOU! 



How Can You Help? Here are some of our current programs that need funding 

There are two ways to donate to us: Online through our Charity Checkout page or via our Bank Account

If you donate through Charitycheckout then you can use a credit or debit card, stay in touch with us via email and we can claim back gift aid on your donation at the click of a button. This means for UK tax payers we will get an extra 25p for every £1 you donate. If you would rather donate anonymously then you can still do so through Charity checkout.




Click on the image or visit our charity checkout page by clicking on the link   . This is an easy way of raising money for an event.
If you would rather make a transfer to our bank account or set up a standing order then here are our bank details. We would love to stay in touch with you so please sign up for our newsletter. Please also let us have a completed gift aid form (see link below) so we can claim back the tax on your behalf.

Barclay's Bank plc
The Vipingo Village Fund
A/C No: 00532894
Sort Code: 20-02-62


You can donate using your PayPal account, or by credit or debit card online. Click on the "Donate" button to visit our PayPal page.

Gift Aid Form


Gift Aid Form 2017

You can boost the value of your donation by 28%, at no extra cost to you. By downloading and completing our Gift Aid Declaration form, giving your name and home address and confirming that you are a UK taxpayer, the charity will receive an extra 28p for every £1 donated from the taxman.



Standing Order Form

Standing Order Mandate 2017

To set up a standing order please download the form from this page and send the completed form to your bank.

Please include this in your pen pal application