Fund raising ideas

  • What floats your boat? If you want a serious challenge then go to  select the challenge you would like to do….fancy canoeing, dog sledding, or trekking in some of the most spectacular areas of the world AND raise money for the Vipingo Village Fund at the same time? Charity Challenge makes it so easy for you to achieve your goals and gives you the experience of a lifetime.
  • …..but maybe you’d prefer something a little less strenuous? How about getting someone to sponsor a supper party that you cook, serve to your friends and charge them for the privilege?
  • Another great way of raising money is organizing an Auction of Promises • People offer goods and services to be auctioned off and all the proceeds come to the VVF
  • A perennial favorite is ‘Dress Down Friday’ If you work for a medium or large company a fun and easy way of raising funds is to get everyone to put £5.00 in the pot for the privilege of wearing what they want to on a given Friday…..clear it with the boss first!
  • Sponsored walks are always popular – ask each walker to raise £25 and design a walk based on the height of the two highest mountains in Africa – 5 kilometer walk for Mt Kenya, or an 11 kilometer one if you combine the height of Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya.
  • E-Bay - turn out all your old stuff and sell it on EBay. You’ll be amazed how much all your unwanted goods can raise.
  • Fed up with getting all those unwanted gifts at Christmas and birthdays? Ask you friends and family to donate money in place of presents.
  • Sing for your supper! Organize a Karaoke night • Ask a local pub if you can use a space for a private Karaoke night – each singer has to make a donation per song.
  • Wine tasting evening • A fun evening where guests have tasting notes and then have to guess which wine, with labels covered, they are tasting from the description. Get a local wine merchant to help with this – if they attend the party and donate some of the wine they can use it as a selling opportunity to your guests.


  • Are you a ‘bright spark?’ Organize a Quiz Night with friends where they all pay a £5 and you set the questions.
  • ….Money Bags! Buy a Money Box and fill it with all your loose change at the end of each day.
  • Swear box – keep it at work and ask everyone to put £0.20p in the pot every time they swear! Amazing how much that generates!
  • Facebook - encourage your friends to support you through Facebook and other social networking sites - lots of gentle reminders and links to your fundraising page will help.  
  • Bake some yummy cakes and sell them for a £1.00 a slice 
  • Organise a Craft Fair in your local village hall and collect money from both stall holders and an entrance fee. 
  • Check out our Just Giving page and set up one for your own event.


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