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"Future Hope School is a very special place and to be able to see the fantastic work undertaken there by the Vipingo Village Fund is an experience I would recommend to anyone."

Our Mission

At Future Hope we honour the right of every child to have a happy and fulfilled childhood and to find potential in every child. We seek to educate all pupils with a firm set of values, and by creating a centre of educational excellence we believe that we can fundamentally change people’s attitudes towards poverty, ignorance and stigma.



When we started our very small nursery school in 2008 we never dreamt we would be soon be running a 10 classroom primary school, in its own grounds, complete with dining hall, kitchen, library, toilet block, school office, store, science lab, computer room and sick bay. It has been a roller-coaster of a time!

We are now looking to form links with other charities that sponsor bright, impoverished children through Secondary School and beyond. We have also had approaches from kind, generous people who want to start a scholarship scheme, which would be brilliant. We are working on this one to ensure our best students have a guaranteed future.

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How we teach...

Over the past five years Future Hope has had an Educational Project Manager working alongside the staff and teachers. Bringing her knowledge and experience of the British curriculum and teaching methods she has worked with the teachers to develop their teaching pedagogies and to enhance and develop current curriculums and reading programs. The key areas of implementation and development have focused on literacy, heath and child centred teaching and learning methods.These have been developed to include; Individual Progressive Records which chart the learning journey of each student, the concept of thematic learning which encourages teachers to not exclusively follow textbooks and content order but to group and teach all interrelated topics under the umbrella of one theme and Planning Methods ranging through long, medium and short term planning skills and techniques.

All teachers have had extensive in-house training to develop their teaching, observation, evaluation and reflection skills which in turn have made them stronger teachers. All new teaching staff taken on within this time have received this training or trainings relevant to their age group or subjects.

The results are fantastic! Our tiny three year olds are already learning to read in English and Kiswahili, by the time our little ones reach standard one (the first year of primary) they are reading and writing independently, and our older learners are thoughtful and inquisitive with an appetitie for learning and reading!

One of the major differences the school has made is the good, nutritious food we provide. Feeding the children two meals a day makes a huge difference to their health, as many live in pitiful circumstances hovering just above starvation level. Orphaned and lodging with guardians who have virtually nothing themselves most of these children go to bed hungry every night of the week – the food for each child costs £10.00 per month and provides two meals a day. Could you sponsor a child for £120 p.a. to keep body and soul is after all far less than a weekly supermarket shop in the UK! Each child is fed 362 days a year and we operate a 'Holiday Camp' during the holidays to provide a safe-haven, fun and source of food.

Uniforms are a big expense as we provide each child with shorts & T shirts x 2, a sweater, underwear, rubber shoes, sports kit and a raincoat. The total outlay per child is £20.00 p.a. They have nothing else to stand up in and during weekends and holidays come to school in what can only described as rags.

If you would like to help the children at Future Hope Montessori School then just visit the 'How you Can Help' page which has lots of infomration on all the different ways you can donate.  Alternatively, if you want more information on how your money will be spent please contact us


Child Safe Organisation

Future Hope is a Child Safe Organisation committed to protecting vulnerable children from harm. All members of staff, volunteers and visitors have an obligation to follow our Child Protection Policies

We believe that EVERY child has a right to be safe. We are making sure that every person involved in our organisation is a Child Safe Person who will listen to children and their families. We will report and stop Abuse.

Our Child Protection Policies have been rolled out the community members and guardians to ensure that we work as a team to protect and report any incidents or concerns.

Singing for our Supper

Future Hope School in Vipingo joined forces with two Welsh Schools to produce a CD of music that fuses English, Welsh and Swahili words as the children call and respond to each other through song.  To find out more and purchase your own copy of the CD Click here

Singing for our

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However big or small, every penny helps our fund hugely!  Whether it's a one-off payment or setting up a standing order, information on all the different ways to donate can be found on our How You Can Help Page.

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