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After the success of our small community projects and sewing cooperative, we are excited to welcome our very own Community Social Worker to the Vipingo Village Fund team. Read on for more information.....

 Kanga & Kikoy Kompany 


 Picnic Set designed and made by the KKK Sewing Co-operative 

Started at the suggestion from two of our supporters our sewing cooperative is now producing high quality range of gift, dining and kitchen products made from the local kanga and kikoy materials.  All the profits from the cooperative are ploughed back into the feeding programme at the school and some members are also guardians to our pupils.

We sell at many craft fairs throughout the year.

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Other projects include:

  • The market garden – a project which we started in 2010, is proving to be a valuable asset to the school producing fine, organic vegetables for the kid's lunch!
  • In 2013 we introduced guardian HIV awareness seminars in collaboration with a local health clinic.
  • In 2014 we started a Guardian DVD day twice a month. This gives our guardians the opportunity to share some of the valuable resources at Future Hope Montessori School.
  • In 2015 and 2016, we have seen the successful running of Girls and Boys clubs for youths in the community. We are expecting a larger turn out in 2017.
  • In 2017 we are running our Adult Literacy Classes for the third year.

We are always looking at ways to aid self-help groups who are prepared to work hard, stick to the plan and who need a minimum start-up capital.  If you have a project that you think would be of interest to us please Contact Us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The market garden



The main aims of our new community programs are to strengthen community health services, offer information sessions and training and extend education beyond the school to guardians, youths and the general community.


  • Providing Information sessions and training to the already well-established group of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Vipingo. This has started with a fortnightly video club giving CHWs an opportunity to watch health related DVD’s from the school library collection.
  • Child Protection Training- this is being rolled out from the school to guardians and CHWs.
  • Family Planning Training- this is being piloted with members of staff at Future Hope and has now been introduced to guardians and CHWs, with a view to handing it over to be offered across the community.
  • We are hoping to engage the Wajimida Jigger Campaign to train the CHWs in their highly effective and cheap treatment and prevention of Jiggers using Neem.
    • Life Skills Workshops- these were aimed at youths from surrounding primary and secondary schools. Workshops will cover risky behaviour, decision making, peer pressure and stigma. Each session will comprise of games and discussions outdoors providing a fun and informal learning experience.
    • Boys and Girls Clubs- The clubs aim to engage young people through open discussions, videos and games and cover topics such as puberty, family planning, sexual health, healthy relationships and HIV. We are excited to be empowering both genders and hope to also develop their leadership skills as peer mentors who will be ambassadors for safe behaviour in the community.


  • Adult English Literacy- level 1 and 2 runs with enthusiasm and a growing number of participants. In some cases these are some of the first educational experiences they have had.
  • Kiswahili Adult Literacy- This has begun with a small number of local women from the community.
  • Phonics and Early Reading Awareness- after the success of using the Jolly Phonics system at Future Hope we have been running workshops for guardians and teachers from neighbouring schools. We have been thrilled to see positive results!

Strengthening Employment

In all our programs we are training local people from the community to assist and eventually take over these programs to ensure future sustainability. Already we have seen a number of locals collect a small training fee for their hard work. We are excited to be offering the opportunity to learn, work and generate a small income to more Vipingo residents.











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