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The last half of this term has been a busy, productive one! In fact the whole term has been so busy we forgot to mention our school Craft Day which happened at the end of term one! Megan Summers came out to visit Sian, our Educational Project Manager and spent a day at school running a craft workshop. She generously brought art supplies and helped the children to make origami stars and boxes, colouring and drawing and our master creation- our very own cardboard matatu! For those of you who don’t know, matatus are essentially minivans which run day and night up and down the road offering public transport. They have 14 seats, although it is not uncommon to find 20 + people inside, piles of luggage as well as a few chickens and occasionally a goat! When we asked the children what they would like to make, their response was a matatu. So we got to work and created our very own one, with slogans and seats just like the real ones. For the remainder of the holiday it was used as a role play area by the children. Much fun was had. It has been a bit of a family affair as after Megan left, Heather Summers also came to visit during half term. Heather remembered the children’s love of loom bands and came ready with 10,000 of them. The last day of school before half term was spent helping each child make their own bracelet to keep and take home. Heather quickly made friends with the new kindergarten children who enjoyed climbing on her!



 Heather visit  loom bands2   craft day2  
 During half term, Heather Summers came to visit the school again and made some new friends!  Heather brought 10,000 loom bands so that each child could make a bracelet. It was a busy morning helping everyone, but there were smiles all around!  Megan Summers facilitating a craft day during the holidays.



  craft day   matatu  matatu2 
 The craft day involved lots of colouring, drawing and origami.  As well as the master project....constructing a matatu!!  The finished matatu and the new driver and conductor!!


We have been enjoying collaborating with Braeburn International Primary School in Mombasa and after they had welcomed four of our teachers for work days at their school, we were thrilled to welcome the year six students and their teachers to Vipingo. Even though all the Braeburn students live here in Kenya, many of them had never walked around a local village and had little idea about the challenges faced by our students. We teamed up their students with ours and took them on an eye opening walk around Vipingo Village. They were shown all the key areas of Vipingo and had to get to know their ‘buddy’. After the walk the students from both schools shared what they had learnt about each other. The Braeburn students then asked questions about HIV, poverty and other things which they were curious about having visited the school and the village. The experience benefitted both schools. Braeburn also kindly donated five boxes of old textbooks and teaching materials which are extremely useful and complement the Kenyan textbooks.  Next term we hope to send our girl’s football team to Braeburn for some friendly matches. Our team have been busy training and are excited for the opportunity. 


Braeburn VisitBraeburn walk3 Braeburn walk2    
The year six students from Braeburn International Primary School visited Future Hope. We paired the Braeburn students with students from our Standard six and seven classes. We then took them on a tour of Vipingo Village where the students got to know a little about each other on the walk. Future Hope students pointed out the main facilities and boreholes and water pumps in Vipingo and talked about their lives. After the tour the Braeburn students shared what they had learnt.


A special thanks to The Women of Willow Bend from Texas and Jennifer Grimm for thinking of our children. The Women of Willow Bend spent 1.5 years during Church Coffee Morning Meetings sewing dresses and shorts for all our boys and girls. Jennifer kindly identified our school as a school in need and organised getting all the clothes here. The children were very excited to be given new clothes which were not uniforms and couldn’t wait to try them on! Jennifer was then treated to a thank you performance of beautiful songs written by the children and an upbeat traditional dance. 


  new clothes2    new clothes   new clothes3  
Happy kindergarten children wearing their new clothes standing with Jennifer. .  Standard three dancing for joy in their new togs!  To show their appreciation, the children wrote two songs and performed them and a traditional dance. At the end of the performance they presented their cards for Jennifer and The Women of Willow Bend


As part of our teacher’s on-going professional development, this half term we have focused on critical thinking. A term often used in teaching but not always understood. The weekly workshops focused on what critical thinking is, how we can help our learners to think critically and consequentially how can we plan to encourage our learners to use and respond to higher level thinking. We don’t just want our learners to be able to recall information and state it, which are the key terms used for most learning objectives in Kenya. We want them to think about what they have learnt, question it and apply it so that learning becomes relevant and useful. After the series of workshops the teacher’s really grasped these concepts and this was evident in not just their planning but in their lessons too. We are so proud of our big children who are confident to ask why, how, what if and consider the impact of events on their own lives. We believe by equipping them with these thinking skills, they will have the necessary tools to handle whatever life throws at them. We are also pleased to welcome Gladys to the upper primary teaching team as a permanent member of staff.


   teacher workshop teacher workshop       planning worksho
 Part 1 of Teachers Critical Thinking Workshop.  Part 2: the teachers discuss possible questions in their groups.  Teachers planning workshop, implementing their new critical thinking questioning skills.


Discovery is not just reserved for our big children, kindergarten 1 and 2 have been exploring the theme ‘Our Senses’ and are able to use the relevant vocabularies in both English and Kiswahili discussion. They loved the practical lesson on using our senses to explore fruits. They played games where they were blindfolded and they had to smell a fruit or vegetable and guess what it was. They tasted sweet, sour, bitter and salty foods and reacted with surprise! They felt the textures of the skins of fruit and enjoyed peeling bananas and onions. Most of all they loved getting to eat extra fruit and tasting juice!!


kg senses lesson     kg senses lesson    kg senses lesson  
 The Kindergarten children have been learning about the five senses this term.  Enjoying a practical lesson exploring taste. It was agreed the lemon was sour!!  The children enjoyed exploring different fruits using all of their senses.


Thematic Learning is one the biggest modifications we have made to our teaching pedagogies and every term each class chooses two themes as vehicles for contextual learning. As the teachers become more and more competent and confident at practising a child centred approach to teaching, we consequentially see more examples of independent work from our learners. Below are some lovely examples of displays that the learners have created week by week to reflect what they have learnt. In addition to these wonderful classroom displays we now have a very big ‘Wonder Wall’ display in our dining hall for all to see. This wall celebrates our achievements class by class. The learners and teachers select work which the children are proud of and this is showcased on the wall. It is often drawings, models and/or compositions. It is not always the best work from the highest achiever, but work which has been done carefully and well.


st1 display   

Kindergarten 3 and Standard 1 have been exploring the theme ‘The World Around Us’. One of the topics was Transport and road safety.

They enjoyed making their own road signs, road and pedestrian crossing and role playing different scenarios.


kg thematic disp kg thematic disp  wonder wall   


A fabulous Thematic Learning display show casing learners drawings, written work and creative constructions!

We are proud to be displaying independent written work in English from our six and seven year olds on the theme ‘Our school’. The Wonder Wall is our new display board in the Dining Hall which showcases exemplary pieces of work from each class. The work can be anything we or our students are proud of.



 st3 work   standards themat  st4 work  
 The learners in Standard Three are making their own displays needing only a little input from the teacher.  Standard Four have made an excellent display about Resources and Economic activities in Kenya.  They are now writing very well in English, with their rapidly expanding vocabularies.


Our Director Carol has been very busy fundraising and raising awareness in the UK.  She gave an excellent presentation in June, to Sevenoaks Junior School, assisted by her young niece Rose Spurling. The presentation was based around the damaging effects of poverty, limited education and the knock on effects on success in later life; these being the very reason Future Hope was started in the first place. From this presentation we are hoping to sign up four more pen pals. If you also know of someone who has a child between the ages of 5-17 years, look on our website at our pen pal scheme and sign up today!

We have formed a long-term relationship with Lewis Mobile Communications,  http//.lewesmobile.com who are collecting all the old mobile phones that their customers hand in; cleaning them and making sure they are all in working order before donating them to us. This is a fantastic opportunity as it means we can donate phones to those in need in Vipingo and at the school. Mobile phones are not just useful ways of communicating; they also offer the Mpesa service of sending money to any mobile phone you wish. This revolution has made huge differences to families whose sole bread winner works away from the family home. If they have a mobile, they can send money home rather than having to spend half of it travelling back to give it in person.

We are very grateful to the support shown by Steve, Jo, Andy and all the customers at The Plough Hyde Heath. They have started the ‘Bonus Ball’ in their pub. Customers choose their numbers just like in the lottery and wait to see if their lucky number comes up, in addition to this a percentage of funds go to Future Hope each week. The money most recently raised was used to restore the feet of our fabulous football team. They have been struggling to train and compete as their boots were too small and worn out. They were jumping for joy when they were presented with new football socks and boots.


  no boots   new football boo   new mobiles
 A very glum football team without any boots...  Jumping for joy in their new socks and boots!  Community members with their new phones. Thanks to Lewis Mobile Communications


 Volunteer Christ    Volunteer Christ    worn out babies  
We were happy to welcome Christiane from Belgium to Future Hope for a fun week of activities.  Christiane enjoyed teaching the children some simple phrases in German and French. The lessons were a huge success with nearly the whole school wanting to join in!   And after all the fun and activities over the last six weeks, our little ones crash out!!

During the last two weeks of term we were happy to welcome Christiane to Future Hope. She is a successful adult learning and development trainer who speaks many languages. She was excited to discover that teaching children is not that different from teaching adults. Her enthusiasm, games and popular French and German lessons were a wonderful addition to the end of term. We will be excited to welcome her back with her family during her stay in Kenya.

And so that brings us to the end of term with an exciting Holiday Camp program in store for the children. You can now find PDF’s to download on our website offering an overview of the charity and ideas for programs which need support. Please share them and help raise awareness.

Special thanks to...

Zoe Carss Education Trust and Allison McGrath for their on-going support

All our wonderful regular donors, friends and supporters.

We know we say it every time, but we really mean it! We couldn’t do it without you!




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