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We can’t believe it is June and now half way through 2016! Our children are growing right before our very eyes! During the April school holidays Boys and Girls Clubs were run for three days. Teenagers from  Vipingo community  were welcomed to Future Hope to participate in the action packed, fun, practical activities which handle issues such as; Puberty, HIV, STD’s, Contraceptives ,family planning, rape, assault and healthy relationships. The program which was developed last year by our community worker Zoe Hilliar is in high demand with the teenagers asking for more at the end of it! One of the female course leaders said “The course really empowers the girls and teaches them things they have never heard anywhere else before”. From the male course leaders, “the event was loved by many and will further benefit the community”. The participants also gave some great feedback; “I learnt about handling myself. The course was so exciting, I want it again”.


 boys club      kg lesson     sleeping kgs  
 Some of the teenage boys relaxing after Boys Club activities.   Kindergarten children enjoying lots of outdoor learning.  Worn out from playing and learning, our kindergartens sleep through the afternoon!


Braeburn School kindly welcomed four of our Early Years teachers for work shadow days in their Nursery. Our teachers had a wonderful time and came back full of lots of new ideas they can adapt to suit Future Hope. Already the ECD teachers are working had to plan for even more play based learning. We are very proud of our little ones who are blending sounds and are reading quite a few words in English already! We are looking forward to welcoming students from Braeburn to Future Hope after half term where our students will give the Braeburn students a tour of Vipingo and talk to them about what life is like in the village. 


 st7 thematic dis      thematic display        ST1 work 
 Standard 7 Thematic Display work made by the learners.  Standard 1 Thematic Learning activity.  Example of Standard 1 piece of independent writing after learning about food and nutrition. Learner aged 7 years.


Our learners have been making some wonderful thematic displays to showcase their learning of a theme and their best work. The older children are able to make these displays with very little input from the teachers. The younger learners have been enjoying linking the theme of food to their creative work and making collages with beans, rice and maize. On top of the county recommended exams all classes from one to seven have been sitting a multi-paper which covers the learning within core five subject’s objectives and the theme. The addition of these papers have been really helping learners apply their knowledge in a variety of ways, moving them further away again from rote learning information. We are proud that even our class one learners are able to write short paragraphs in English independently.

The teachers took part in a professional development challenge called ‘Teach the Teachers’ this half term.  All teachers planned a practical, child centred lesson that they intended to teach their own class. Three teachers were selected at random to teach the other teachers their planned lesson. The teachers participated as learners but also made peer review observations which were then used to give feedback to their colleagues on points of strength and areas for development. Teachers reported that they learnt things about their own teaching styles that they were not aware of and by having their colleagues identify them; they were able to address and improve upon these areas. The teachers who taught later said they were really able to develop their ideas and plans based on the feedback they had seen those before them receive. The learners who were in these lessons after the challenge were very engaged and excited to be participating in such practical tasks.



teacher challeng     teacher challeng      teacher  
 Teachers Challenge: Teachers enjoying participating as the learners in a song to start the lesson.  Teachers Challenge: Science experiment on soil drainage. The lesson was a big success with the learners the following week.  Teachers Challenge: Exploring soil texture. Teachers are making lessons more child centred and multi sensory.


We have made big efforts this term to be addressing emotional and health issues our learners are facing by working with them both in groups and individually. In Health talks the 10-16 year olds completed a module on drugs and their effects. The leaner’s were incredibly engaged during this topic and participated well including the younger children who were able to offer reasons for taking drugs due to peer pressure, life troubles and stress. It was very encouraging to see learners of all ages recalling information from previous topics and applying this knowledge. Girls and Boys forums for the under 10’s were started at the beginning of the term to encourage younger children to open up and share issues to enable these issues to be addressed and targeted during counselling sessions.

We are very grateful to welcome back Anne to help us with counselling. Last year Anne ran a counselling course for the staff which was very useful and since has equipped our teachers with some of the necessary skills to provide further emotional support for our children. Sadly many of our learners are regularly having to cope with loss, grief, health problems and challenging home life situations. Anne has come to offer counselling and support for the serious cases. The children are responding well to her and she has been warmly welcomed. Anne has also been working with groups of learners to discuss sex and relationship issues related to HIV. The learners have been very interested and open and are enjoying these discussion forums.


teenagers  teenagers 3  teenagers 2 
 Our Teenagers of the school are growing fast.  The 10-16 year old boys and girls groups enjoyed the health talk module on drugs.  Our teens feel ready and prepared to handle challenges such as peer pressure.


Our Director Carol Hardman is busy in the UK fundraising and promoting our wonderful school. Trustee Eleanor North recently organised a luncheon which gathered over fifty supporters. It was a great opportunity for Carol and the Trustees to reconnect with loyal donors and meet new supporters. Carol was promoting the Kang Kikoy Kompany produce by wearing one of our fetching kikoy aprons and sold a lot of items. It was a great afternoon and enjoyed by all.


  Carol and Eleano   luncheon         
 Trustee Eleanor North and Director Carol Hardman at a luncheon fundraiser. Carol is wearing an apron made by our very own sewing cooperative, Kanga Kikoy Kompany.  Supporters and Donors enjoying the luncheon.  


Don't miss it....

You will find our stall at the Hanwell Carnival on 18th June 2016 which promises to be a fun day our for all the family. The KK Kompany is our window of opportunity to meet the public and share with them the vital work the Vipingo Village Fund carries out. For more details email tim@vipingovillagefund.org.

As always we would like to take the time to thank all the donors, supporters and friends of the Vipingo Village Fund. Your support, donations and help behind the scenes keep Future Hope thriving and evolving.


You can now follow us on Instagram @vipingovillagefund and Twitter@Vipingo_V_Fund.

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