2016-Mid-Term One

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It is a little late to say happy New Year...but the children and staff at Future Hope are happy to be back at school. The year began with the arrival of eight lovely little new children joining Kindergarten class one (KG1). We are pleased to say they have settled in already and are tearing around the school full of confidence and character. They are busy little bees and are into everything, especially enjoying our revamped adventure playground. The kindergarten children are enjoying learning inside and outside the classroom, where the world outside is a natural teaching resource. We are proud to announce a product from our in-house training; Mapenzi has been promoted from cleaner to teaching assistant. She had been showing great enthusiasm for developing her teaching skills and spent last year during her spare time assisting in the kindergarten classes. She also took part in our community Jolly Phonics training last year and is excited to get into the classroom on her return to work from maternity leave.

We are delighted to introduce Harriet Atieno to the team. Harriet is helping with school administration and has taken over managing and teaching our community adult literacy classes. Margaret, one of our community volunteers is working with Harriet to develop her teaching skills and she now runs the adult numeracy classes. Our dedicated students come daily for their classes. Harriet has settled into the school well and is super efficient and a huge help in the office. We are delighted to have her.

 new kgs  outdoor learning  writing
Our new KG1’s        Outdoor learning for kindergarten  

Writing in the sand....a wonderful way to practice spellings!!

Practising writing words with magic ‘e’


We are also thrilled to have Gladys with us on work experience. Recently graduated from Pwani University in Kilifi, Gladys is gaining further teaching experience at Future Hope. She is enjoying sharing her skills and the students really enjoy her lessons and presence. The other day they made ‘kachumbari’ a traditional Kenyan salad to meet the learning objective of writing a recipe and following instructions. Afterwards they all enjoyed eating it with their lunch. Luckily there was enough to share with their friends who had been peeping through the windows!!


 work experience  debate  aga khan student
 Making ‘kachumbari’ a traditional Kenyan recipe with Gladys.   

Wednesday’s weekly debate.

Motion:’ Private schools are better than government schools’
 One of our students selected for the Aga Khan school scholarship hard at work on the pre-test papers. Monty Shadow our school cat keeping him company in a very relaxed manner!


The children are all healthy and achieving well academically. Our mid-term exam results saw average mean scores of 453 for kindergarten and 380 for primary out of 500. These score are well above the average of 300 in government schools in the area. At Future Hope we choose to teach thematically rather than always following the topics set out in the textbooks. This often means that exams (especially Science and Social Studies) are testing topics which students have yet to learn. We are proud to see such high results, especially for topics the children have yet to be explicitly taught this year!!

We are very grateful to the Aga Khan School in Mombasa http://www.agakhanacademies.org/mombasa who have offered a scholarship for two of our gifted and talented students if they pass the pre-tests. ‘Admission to the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, is based on merit. This is broadly defined as exceptional intellectual potential, leadership, a commitment to learning, strong sense of integrity, and the desire to work towards and instigate positive change.’ Our selected students have shown dedication and enthusiasm towards this opportunity and we are very proud of them. They have been developing their creative and critical thinking and have produced some exceptional work so far.


 thematic display  teeth lessonteeth lesson2  

 Example of one of the Thematic Displays of children’s work.

The learners build the display throughout the term as they learn.

Class 4 enjoying a practical lesson on teeth and how to care for them. They particularly enjoyed the demonstration with the giant teeth and toothbrush. Those who had forgotten or did not have a toothbrush enjoyed using their clean finger with toothpaste!  

Our dedicated teaching team have been on many learning walks this term. They have been reflecting on their own teaching styles and practice and sharing their findings with each other. Weekly workshops have focused on; planning, child centred learning and teaching techniques, open ended questions and encouraging children to explore and learn in as many practical ways as possible. The results are clear to see. The learners and teachers are enjoying themselves and the level of understanding and learning taking place has increased too.


 new shirts  new books
 Junior footballers proudly wearing their new shirts  Our latest book donation to fill our shelves in the library


bennobenno music lena

We are still missing our recent volunteers Lena and Benno and would love to remind you all of our fantastic volunteer placement opportunities http://www.vipingovillagefund.org/volunteering-overview/ . More information will be coming soon on our volunteer page with stories from previous volunteers. Whether you are on a gap year or in need of a change, we are certain you will not regret a trip to Vipingo!



We would like to pay a few special thanks to the following;

Lisa, Simon, Thomas and William Instance for the football shirts for our Junior Team.

Jill Bond and friends; Madeline, Iola, Nicola, Emily, Flo, Alison and her daughter SJ for the fabulous book donations

Alison McGrath for her on-going support

Zoe Carss Education Trust for their on-going support and donations

Future Hope e.V for sponsoring teachers’ salaries

Tim Williams for his enthusiasm and help launching projects

And ASANTE SANA as always to all our friends, donors and supporters who are there for us again this year.

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