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Legacy Fund

Please help us to continue to help them out of poverty, ignorance, stigma and lethargy

Welcome to the Vipingo Village Fund

The Vipingo Village Fund started life in a very small way in 2006 and became a UK registered charity in October 2008. It was founded by Carol Hardman and her late husband Peter. Carol still lives in Vipingo, a village 40 kilometres north of Mombasa and closely monitors the school and charity.

Driven by the abject poverty that surrounded them on all sides and being firm believers that the only way a nation can progress is through education, they directed their considerable energies into creating, what is, a pretty special Montessori School in the centre of Vipingo village.

Today it is a thriving school, with excellent resources, dedicated staff and wonderful supporters, which means Future Hope Montessori School is a little oasis within the village.

With 136 AIDS affected children the school, most importantly, provides a wide reaching, first class education, which opens a window onto the world, stimulating curiosity, a lust for learning and a totally different approach to the usual ‘learning by rote’ provided by many schools. A vital part of our program is delivering over 300 meals a day, children simply cannot learn on empty stomachs…and then there are the uniforms, health care, sport and most importantly, a happy, caring environment.

In addition to the school the charity has three other arms

All play an important part in the charity and link back into the school. The sewing cooperative produces high quality, vibrant gifts which are sold at craft fairs both in the UK and here in Kenya. The profits are used to help fund the feeding programme.

The Vipingo Village believes that education should happen at all levels. Our Community Social Worker has worked with community members and existing bodies to extend education opportunities to the community. Workshops in adult literacy, HIV awareness and Family Planning are some of the programs being offered. We believe that by giving people opportunities which foster empowerment, introducing good working practices and a small amount of capital to help them up life’s ladder, from little acorns HUGE oak trees will grow!

Carol Hardman

December 2014
The Vipingo Village Fund
Changing Lives through Education 


This is what our volunteers are saying.....interested?


"Future Hope Montessori School gave me hope for the future too.......And of course, the most lovely people I have ever met. They offer such big hospitality and live with pure joy in their lives."

"Deciding to volunteer at Future Hope was the best decision I made! In my 30's I needed an experience which would take me out of my comfort zone, challenge me and broaden my mind and this was it."

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